ARTHES photo competition 2022

For more meaningful and correct images in training and for your advertising. For professional aromatherapists and aromatherapists.

The topic of distillation should come to the fore and provide an insight into how an essential oil * finds its origin. Every drop starts in an elaborate one
Distillation process and that should be shown in a meaningful picture.

Show us your highlights of your distillation processes with the respective end product,
which you skillfully stage. We want to show that a high quality essential oil can consciously have its price, since it is also an expensive one
Manufacturing process is subject to all the more sensitivity on the Internet on this subject
to be able to convey.

* To clarify: Even if we are talking about essential oils, essences (citrus oils), extracts, absolutes; Also meant hydrosols or CO2 extracts!

The photo competition is divided into two categories:
1. Distillation in the private household (for yourself)
2. Industrial distillation (as a company)

Two pictures per person should be uploaded (or one picture with both motifs). The following must be evident:

1. The end product essential oil
This can be an amber glass bottle (possibly with the original plant) or a photo with the essential oil at the end of the distillation process.

2. The work before or during the distillation
This can be the extraction of the original plant, for example the workers in the field, during the extraction or when preparing the distillation or the work of the distillers during the distillation.

Here are some examples of pictures that could take part in the photo competition. With the kind permission of Maria and Wolfgang Hoch (

Prices in both categories

1st place winner
Winner of 2nd place
Winner of 3rd place

150.00 Fr.
100.00 Fr.
50.00 Fr.

Our jury members for the 2022 photo competition

Ann Harman
Book author and aromatherapist

Ann Harman is a distiller, organic farmer, hobby botanist and plant lover. Ann founded the Circle H Institute, a website devoted to the education, research, and promotion of hydrosols. On this website she provides the data on hydrosols that she has been collecting for more than 25 years. She loves to share her research through the website and also through unique hands-on workshops that focus on distillations.

Marju Kivi
Ambassador AIRMID Institute

In 2012 Marco and I experimented with distillation for the first time. Since then, our company Naturalness has been founded. Today we work with the Portuguese flora for the production of essential oils and hydrosols.

My passion and curiosity for aromatic and medicinal plants led me on the path of natural perfumery. My goal is to create personalized perfumes for individuals and companies.

Vanessa Donatiello
“A photo is a return ticket to a moment that would otherwise be dull.”

Even as a child, I preferred to be behind the camera than in front of the lens. And that’s why I discovered photography very early on.

Photography has been one of my greatest passions for over 10 years. I capture the most beautiful moments with my upright and uncomplicated manner. I specialize in portrait photography and especially when I take pictures with couples, pregnant women, families, babies and children my heart rises.

I am looking forward to actively supporting Arthes as a jury member in your photo competition and to the many inspiring pictures.

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Conditions of participation:
The raffle will take place at the end of April. The winners will be notified in writing. No correspondence will be conducted.